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Jumping into the Mushroom Kingdom: A Timeless Super Mario Bros. Movie Review

May 26, 2023 AJ & SlideShow Season 3 Episode 14
Jumping into the Mushroom Kingdom: A Timeless Super Mario Bros. Movie Review
Timeless Talk
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Timeless Talk
Jumping into the Mushroom Kingdom: A Timeless Super Mario Bros. Movie Review
May 26, 2023 Season 3 Episode 14
AJ & SlideShow

🍄⭐️✨Season 3 Finale! Get ready for a nostalgic blast from the past as we dive into the highly anticipated Super Mario Brothers movie! From the dynamic duo of Mario and Luigi to the iconic power-ups and Mario Kart action, we're talking all things Mushroom Kingdom in this spoiler-filled discussion. So if you haven't seen the film yet, press pause and come back when you're ready for a wild ride.

Join us as we compare this latest adaptation to the infamous live-action movie from the 90s and explore how the film brought our favorite video game characters to life. We'll share our favorite moments and childhood memories of playing Mario games, while taking an in-depth look at the movie's storyline, world-building, and its unique take on the Mario and Luigi relationship. Plus, we'll explore how this film incorporated elements from the beloved Mario Kart games in a fresh and exciting way.

But the fun doesn't stop there – we're also discussing the future of Super Nintendo World and what to expect from this immersive theme park. From interactive experiences to mouth-watering food offerings, find out what fans can look forward to in this gamer's paradise. Don't miss this episode as we relive the magic of the Mushroom Kingdom together!

*SlideShowuigi is back from Rehab (Formerly known as Niggauigi)
*A Timeless Review of The Super Mario Bros. Movie
*Mention of Super Nintendo World

Intro Beat Credit: JJ got Beatz*
*Outro Song Credit: Jack Black*

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🍄⭐️✨Season 3 Finale! Get ready for a nostalgic blast from the past as we dive into the highly anticipated Super Mario Brothers movie! From the dynamic duo of Mario and Luigi to the iconic power-ups and Mario Kart action, we're talking all things Mushroom Kingdom in this spoiler-filled discussion. So if you haven't seen the film yet, press pause and come back when you're ready for a wild ride.

Join us as we compare this latest adaptation to the infamous live-action movie from the 90s and explore how the film brought our favorite video game characters to life. We'll share our favorite moments and childhood memories of playing Mario games, while taking an in-depth look at the movie's storyline, world-building, and its unique take on the Mario and Luigi relationship. Plus, we'll explore how this film incorporated elements from the beloved Mario Kart games in a fresh and exciting way.

But the fun doesn't stop there – we're also discussing the future of Super Nintendo World and what to expect from this immersive theme park. From interactive experiences to mouth-watering food offerings, find out what fans can look forward to in this gamer's paradise. Don't miss this episode as we relive the magic of the Mushroom Kingdom together!

*SlideShowuigi is back from Rehab (Formerly known as Niggauigi)
*A Timeless Review of The Super Mario Bros. Movie
*Mention of Super Nintendo World

Intro Beat Credit: JJ got Beatz*
*Outro Song Credit: Jack Black*

Speaker 1: ["Mario Bros"]. We're the Mario Brothers in plummets again. We're not like the others who get all the fame. When you think you've seen trouble, you could call us on the double. We're faster than the others. You'll be hooked on the brothers. Huh. Thank you, super Mario Bros. It seems like the only thing you haven't drained is my bank account. G-g-g-g-g-g-ugh For Super Service. Call or text Super Mario Bros Plumbing today at 929-55Mario, or reach us on the World Wide Web at smbplumbingcom. ["mario Bros"].

Speaker 2: And welcome back to the conversation of Never Ends. This is Timeless Talk and this is season three, episode 14?. Yo Woo, yo yo, you're gonna have a good episode today. Yeah, that's right. Besides you being really tired, my boy.

Speaker 3: How you doing today. As you can tell your boy, Ouija is back from rehab. That's why I ain't got my wife beat on. I see, I see it. You know my hat barely fit on my head Tired from e-hat, but I'm back and I'm better than ever. Actually, hit that button for me. I need to step out of character real quick.

Speaker 2: All right, you know what.

Speaker 1: I'm talking about.

Speaker 2: You're right. I'm sorry about that. Let me introduce you right properly too. To my right, as always, we have Slot Show, But but, but he's also here in a different form, though, That's right. He's also over here in the.

Speaker 3: And my final form Yo.

Speaker 2: They love you, though, but people love you. He's back, y'all, he's back in his final form. If you can't see it, Man, you know what, bro? This is gonna be a fun episode, man. So, y'all, we're gonna talk. Obviously, if you notice a set, you see around us, we're gonna discuss a movie that's literally, as Slot Show put it, long time overdue. Right, that's right. This official timeless talk review of Super Mario Brothers movie. Yo, yeah, so this episode's gonna actually be our official spoiler. Might I add spoiler review? Because I mean, if you haven't seen it by now, what the fuck you all been doing? You're gonna ship it out for a month and some change now, right?

Speaker 3: As Dutchess would say, waiting for Blu-ray and DVD.

Speaker 1: Blu-ray, blu-ray, blu-ray, blu-ray, blu-ray, blu-ray.

Speaker 2: At that point. Yeah, you waiting for the Blu-ray DVD, but take this as your warning. Now, right, slot.

Speaker 3: This is gonna be a spoiler review of the movie.

Speaker 2: We're gonna go over details. We're gonna go over what we liked about it, what we didn't like about it. We're gonna discuss that. I don't know if you noticed some stuff on the set. I took some really really good time into getting stuff that represented the movie. See how Slato pressed the airship over there. Have you all heard the button? Maybe you pressed the button. I don't know if you guys heard the noise or not, but yeah, man, it's just a proper cool. These are all related to the movie. The only two things on here that really weren't in the movie, that were in the movie but in a different form, is the airship. Airship was actually in a different. It was there but in a different form. Had lava all around it, remember, yeah, but that's the original, that's what the airship's supposed to look like from the games, but they put their little twist on it.

Speaker 1: I'm gonna have a floating castle man.

Speaker 2: Which is badass. It was kind of. They just, you know they changed it a little bit. They made it better, honestly. And I don't know if you guys caught that Bowser fire breathing in the beginning, was he working earlier? He did, He worked. Yeah, look at that, it looks hard, right. You look at the camera guy. You see Bowser over there breathing fire. That's a legit ass toy, right. The merch for this movie was lit man, like. We got Peach's Castle right here in the middle top of the on-air sign. We got the Super Mario Brothers plumber van that they had in Brooklyn. We're about to talk about that, right. And then over there we got actually that's the Mario Kart Kart that he ends up getting from the movie. This here is a popcorn bucket from Universal Studios. We got it at Super Nintendo World, so it's pretty dope. Huh, the popcorn goes back here. Shit popcorn goes right here. Not very much space for a fucking popcorn, but That's lit. It's still lit, though This fucking popcorn bucket is badass.

Speaker 3: How much did you pay for though?

Speaker 2: Shit You paying 40? Yeah, 45. Yeah, She's expensive, but it's clean though, right? Look at the detail on this bitch bro. She's pretty clean, right.

Speaker 3: Yeah. And they could always take it back too.

Speaker 2: so That too, anyway, guys. So getting into that, i took some time into all the props and I wanted to make sure that we did it up right. I'm saying make it get the set looking right for this review, because this movie's a big ass deal. Man, this is something that should have been made years ago, right, you were talking about with me. Off the record, like, this is something that we're surprised Finally came to fruition nowadays. Man, did you ever see the?

Speaker 3: If you think about it, when did Mario, when was his character developed? I believe in the late 70s or early 80s Right and they're just making a movie for him, or is there one that's?

Speaker 2: like There's one before this one, a live action. You're watching that one. they're really bad. No, i didn't even know that was the thing, john. Leguzamo bro, we need to watch that.

Speaker 3: I didn't even know that was the thing We need to watch. That one, bro, we should have watched that one before doing the review.

Speaker 2: We'll review that one later. We do another episode for that one. Okay, It's that bad bro.

Speaker 3: I would say it, but they took so long. But that one was live action. Oh, okay, It was, you liked it.

Speaker 2: It was all we had. I didn't know any better. Oh, it's terrible, bro. It's so bad that it's good. It's one of those movies that you know how bad. Bro, it should have been a parody, bro. Honestly, anybody that's a true Mario fan would agree with me. You watched the original Bob Hoskins, John Leguzamo Bro, John Leguzamo, John Leguzamo Sorry, I'm probably butchering your last name. He's fucking Latino bro. That a Mexican play, Luigi.

Speaker 1: Do you know, danny, to find out what Bobby chaired you You?

Speaker 2: know what I'm saying.

Speaker 3: It's my wife actually. Oh thanks, i don't know what she was saying.

Speaker 2: Oh God, it's really hurts. Nah, nothing gets in the end bro.

Speaker 1: You did a good job, but it's just funny man. Did he try to?

Speaker 3: action or what? No, he didn't. He didn't try at all. They can't get somebody like me, tall and skinny, to play Mario.

Speaker 2: Mario, you need the belly and the shortness Google it real quick on your phone, sajjo, you'll see what I'm talking about. You said they couldn't get what. Sorry.

Speaker 3: They couldn't get somebody like me, skinny and tall, to do Mario, you would think Yeah you would think it'd make.

Speaker 2: The thing was with Mario. They couldn't get someone like that for Mario, no, no, but for Luigi. Man, i would have had you. I would have rather have had your version of Luigi. Then, fuck, we got that day for that episode. What was the name of it? Super Mario Brothers movie. Just look at it Mario Brothers movie 90s, or look up 90s Mario Brothers movie, because if you put some more of this movie now, this one's going to come out.

Speaker 2: The actual good version, that that which should have came out a long time ago. Yeah, man, i'll tell you what's the right one.

Speaker 3: Yeah, that's it right there.

Speaker 2: That's the one. I have it, bro. I have a DVD. We're going to watch this shit. Yes, i do, we're going to watch it. All right, i have that shit. One of these Friday nights, bro, one of your Saturdays is going to come over. We're going to watch that shit.

Speaker 3: Is it?

Speaker 2: Yeah, that's it, bro. That's supposed to be Bowser. Oh, bro, we're gonna put that up on the screen. That's Bowser, for everybody to see. That shit is hilarious, bro. That's Bowser And those are the Goombas behind him. You know, the little brown guys. Yeah, that's supposed to be Goombas The guys behind him.

Speaker 2: The small heads and the big bodies. What the fuck were they thinking, bro? It literally, that shit looks nothing like a Goomba. That's supposed to be a Goomba, bro. Hey, if anything, this is what they supposed to look like Is this the first one they came out?

Speaker 3: It is, that's the first one that ever came out, bro.

Speaker 2: So yeah, you didn't know that existed. Huh, it's hilarious. And look at Mario's character, look at Jonglin's almost character. You see what they look like. Luigi and Mario. That's the Mario bro. We're all gonna post that one too. Hey, y'all isn't that shit funny dawg. That's, that's the Mario bro. Hey, y'all isn't that shit funny dawg. That's what we had as kids. My boy, i think we all would have killed it to have what we have now. Right, that's crazy, because, my goodness man, that shit was horrible right.

Speaker 3: That's crazy. I mean, they did the best for what they had at the time, though True, because you know this greatest CGI is now.

Speaker 2: That didn't exist back then. You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 3: Who's the villain in this?

Speaker 1: one Koopa.

Speaker 3: Bowser, bowser, he's the supposed to be the villain.

Speaker 2: The first picture, the guy in the front, the white dude holding the gun.

Speaker 3: I said they didn't try at all His haircut.

Speaker 2: Not just that, bro. I don't want to spoil it for you. Let's just say that he takes a dragon form later. You see what I'm saying? It happens later. So, yeah, there's that. I think that, considering that it was something that we needed back then, but we got it now and still came out to be great, it was fantastic, you know. So what did you think of this? This transition over to the beautiful year of 2023, april, we got the Super Mario Brothers movie, the real Super Mario Brothers movie. This is bullshit that we got in the 90s. Oh man, click that, click that, click that, click that browser one time, because it's time, bro, it's time, oh, it's time, yeah.

Speaker 3: They rolling in Yep. What did?

Speaker 2: you think he's running out of? Oh fuck, he's running out of fumes, it's all good. So you know the movie started with them taking over the Penguin Kingdom, right? Remember that Bowser flew in kind of like when the trailer, you know, took over, got the.

Speaker 3: Power Star never used it, kind of hoarded it.

Speaker 2: I guess his motive in the game again, guys, this is the spoiler Motive in the movie was to obviously take over all the kingdoms one by one, but also to court Princess Peach into marrying him I was going to say I didn't really know what his motive was, bro, I think bro was hurt because he couldn't get the girl he wanted. That's what it really seemed like to me. What did you call him? light skin.

Speaker 3: Yeah, he was on some light skin tendencies, for sure.

Speaker 2: Yeah, as light show said that Bowser was a little light skin For sure when he pulled out the piano I was like nah he not about to?

Speaker 3: Oh, don't do it.

Speaker 2: And bro started singing Yo man and he came out like he started out furious. right, you see him walk out. That song was furious.

Speaker 3: He said that song was furious, that song was right. That song was right. It was stuck in my head.

Speaker 2: Peach is Peach is So his motives. He started out tough. He started out to look like and be like right, the intimidating Bowser that everybody knows him to be right. I mean look at him Fucking furious over there in the corner there, fucking claws out and sharp teeth and all that spiky, spiky turtle shell.

Speaker 3: But in reality that was a turn everybody needed, though It was.

Speaker 2: It was no one expected that right to him, to have that kind of side to him, right?

Speaker 3: We just thought he'd be some menacing crazy Koopa, fucking turtle monster, but even in the games they portrayed him to always be trying to go after the castle Always after Peach the castle and to overtake it somehow.

Speaker 2: Yeah, always, his goal was always to show up and try to take her somehow. So that's why they stay true to it. So people that were, you know, i've heard, i've watched other reviews and heard people talk shit about saying that his motive right. His motive wasn't really very childish, not really Bro wanted the girl. Bro was trying to take over the kingdoms.

Speaker 3: He's still very much evil. He still wanted the power He's still wanted the power.

Speaker 2: He's still taking over the kingdoms. He's still collecting power stars, taking over each kingdom's area. They broke, broke one of the power right. See, yeah, he got the power by taking over the kingdoms. get all the power stars. Look at this princess, so you can quarter and get some peaches Right. Make her the queen. Basically whatever he was trying to exactly but little did he know she wanted nothing to do with his nest?

Speaker 3: Yeah, And you know one thing I didn't know, bro. One thing I didn't know because I'm not a big Mario fan, but I always thought, i always thought Donkey Kong would have been able to do this against Bowser.

Speaker 2: He did for a little while. Remember he actually bought Mario and Luigi time at the end We'll get to that, but you remember that, remember that scene, like he actually held his own with him, for any start.

Speaker 3: Then he started getting the business Yeah.

Speaker 2: He held him for a few minutes. He got a few good licks in there. Got him like cause he's a big ass strong gorilla. You know what I'm saying. He got some good kicks in there. Give me some good punches in there.

Speaker 3: Oh yeah.

Speaker 2: But then Bowser overpowered him because his big motherfucker, just you know. But I agree, though I think he would, I should. I honestly believe I thought he's going to give him a little more of a fight. Yeah, Then that you know, I thought like bro's gonna actually be able to put up more of a fight.

Speaker 3: Almost as it, as embarrassing as uh when hope fault Thanos.

Speaker 2: Bro. He got his ass handed to bro bro. Bro started off looking like Are you gonna leave?

Speaker 3: he was laying into him, Or let's see who's giving it to the movie about to end. Already it just.

Speaker 2: Back back here, back into the Super Mario Bros movie. So, mario, you know he was him and his brother. They used to work for, i think, the wrecking crew company or something like that, some douchebag named spike right, they didn't want to do that. So eventually, you know, they became entrepreneurs, which I love. This part of the movie man They give us, they start to move starts off not in the Mushroom Kingdom but in Brooklyn They're from regular Brooklyn They're from.

Speaker 2: Brooklyn, new York, in our world, right, and it just they're super mar, just two brothers. It starts. They starts with there with their little infomercial right. You know infomercial. They had oh yeah, mario, but I see was higher right. And then this is a callback, and it was pretty clean man Like they. You know, the Mario Brothers commercial, this little, this yellow van right here that we have on set, is actually the van that they Drive in and they do their business with, right, see Luigi's on this side, mars, let's say it is lit though. It's lit right. Anyway, yeah, so it was legit. Like they got tired of their bosses shit, which we can all relate to. They basically just gave that full the finger and said fuck you roll, start our own shit. That's better than yours.

Speaker 3: It was really hyping that part of movie up in there.

Speaker 2: We were, they really, they really were Emphasizes who I look.

Speaker 3: I know who you was thinking about too when we seen that scene.

Speaker 2: Yeah, I was Mario. In that moment, bro, i was like man I would have to say shit, breath, fuck him, bro. You know saying like hey, bro, you don't want none of this man, we're gonna take your ass out.

Speaker 3: He's the older one, by the way to right With Mario.

Speaker 2: Yeah Yeah, he's older brother and one thing you caught about him too He's always aiding to Luigi. Now look, everybody says that the movie made Luigi look like a pussy. I don't agree, i think look, luigi's isn't really the pussy He's gonna put. It was good input.

Speaker 3: Yeah, big brother Tennessee, exactly big brother Tennessee's you know, compared to little brother Tennessee's you know, i think you said it was like how you told him or grab the box, yeah, yeah, when they, when they got their first job, grab the box, let's go. Yeah, that shit. Yeah, she was like. He was like well, he's big brother, so he could tell.

Speaker 2: I was like oh, that's why you didn't know that. Yes, you know, you're like at first slide shows like wait, what the fuck? why is Luigi answering like that? Well, cuz that's his big brother in us, you know, sam, and he's had his back since they were little. So that's like this.

Speaker 3: I know, since there was a little reference, they made another reference.

Speaker 2: Yeah, they did a flashback with the little babies, Yeah and they were like in the schoolyard, like sandbox and shit. They were getting bullied as kids and Mario comes, luigi's rescue, gives them the hands real quick. Oh, that's it. Relax in there.

Speaker 2: Like Mario's a Jeep, bro, i'll say this about Mario right, mario, and I look I know side show. We like that about his character. I like that Mario's always down to throw their hands, bro, oh, he's never like scared anybody. Yeah, he's just like fuck it. Like I love how charismatic. Yeah, man right, even when you have to fight don't go bro, it's still good bro, against a big-ass, tough, strong-ass gorilla, you're still gonna. Was Mario was getting the business handed to him. Let's get his ass.

Speaker 3: Anybody would fight in the monkey or gorilla, bro, we'll get their ass.

Speaker 2: Exactly Sounds realistic. You mean you're not gonna be able to beat doggie con like that. It's not what power ups, at least not without power ups. Yeah, no, no, so realistic they. they vary. they're very realistic. I love that They stay true to the true to the source material, but also realistic with the characters You know, like yeah obviously you know it's gonna take on certain characters that are clearly crazier, more and more, more, more, more dangerous than you.

Speaker 2: Obviously, more smaller, you know, say more of a threat Yeah they have to be realistic about it.

Speaker 3: Stronger than you exactly.

Speaker 2: Hmm, so we'll get to the end of the movie when Mario and Luigi finally fight Bowser. They did a twist, though right to lean to that point instead of him capturing, which I'm glad I really liked that They did this. Honestly, i know a lot of people were like, oh, they would have loved to see more Mario and Luigi together, especially since the beginning of the movie was them to getting established, meeting their family, which I thought was badass that I'd never seen Mario's dad and mom before uncle and everybody, the whole spot.

Speaker 3: That was dope to see the whole spot like that.

Speaker 2: That was sick. So you know I want, I'm gonna real quick, I want to give a hand clap to Illumination for doing that. That was fucking dope. I like that little extra. You know him meeting the Mario Brothers family, That was hard. I did not expect to see that.

Speaker 3: Did they portray them as like still in their 20s and 30s or?

Speaker 2: I.

Speaker 3: Own man and everybody was just living in the fan like in the same house. Yeah, no, I think they were young. Everybody had that muster.

Speaker 2: They did. They all had the hip-huberty Well that's what I'm saying. Well, the fuckers in the Mario Bros family already have all that Mario just bigger. Yeah, exactly like a chunkier version of, but a bigger, no, but actually a bulkier version.

Speaker 3: Like I was, but then he was. But then Mario was also trying to look for his dad's approval too. So yeah, he was.

Speaker 2: It's like They're young, i want to say mid early, early to mid 20s You think so I think, so, i think Mara and Luigi are young bro, originally They're originally. People think about it. It's the first time you ever met peach, first time they've ever went to the mushroom Kingdom Technically the first Mario adventure ever to have, or they're very their very first adventure on business.

Speaker 2: So I'm saying I think this is a young, this is a young Mario brothers I doubt they're in their 30s bro. I want to say mid, 20s, for sure, mid, mid, mid. To promise a mid, let's take a minute 20. I'm gonna say Mario's 23, luigi's 21. That's what I'm thinking you think 23 and 21. Yeah, bro, two years apart, that's my guess. I could be wrong. I'm don't you guys? This is just my specs and speculation. This is AJ speculation, i'm gonna say, or maybe even Mario be 25 and Luigi 23.

Speaker 3: I Would say like I don't know I'll say probably, maybe at the youngest, maybe 28 and 26. You think so?

Speaker 2: No, no, no, younger, i think younger bro 27 to 24.

Speaker 3: Maybe that actually makes sense.

Speaker 2: That actually makes as Mario, part of the way he talking to Luigi and Luigi don't be fighting back.

Speaker 3: They gotta be some type of yeah, dynamically yeah yeah, they're younger for sure cuz.

Speaker 2: Like obviously you know I wouldn't have a brother time in the JJ talks me That's her way, but yeah, but you know some type of like gap in a slight you really can't argue after that, no, no, no, you're right, you're right. No, no, you're right. That makes sense, and you can't really argue except when there's a gap. No, that's right To a certain degree but yeah, but if.

Speaker 3: But then when you got that low, oh, you know, you only like a Thousand days older than what you talking about.

Speaker 2: That, bro, right? No, no, no, it's true, and that's why I'm like man, you know it, it's crazy cuz that dynamic party's gonna evolve over time, like he might give more, a little more pushback. You know, i'm saying that kind of thing eventually. Yeah, yeah, you know. But but back to, i was saying, man, i think that it was cool that the dynamic that they did differently, i was, i was getting to a point I forgot to mention earlier when I was saying it, the story arc of this movie is different. Yeah right, they didn't. They didn't go the traditional way, which I'm actually happy about.

Speaker 2: Some people were mad that, thinking that too right that peach was already captured by Bowser and that, no, they were gonna find out from a toad or from someone at the castle, like or hey, you gotta help in the same world, exactly that are even that, yeah, like, oh, exactly. The fact that it was all connected like that Was badass. They had different kingdoms. You know, donkey Kong, all that that's cool, that's all in the same.

Speaker 2: There's a mushroom kingdom, There's a jungle kingdom and there's another ice kingdom And that was cool that they're all in the same, you know, kingdom or world, i should say right, but I like the fact that they didn't go with the traditional What's always in the games and those you that are Mario fans out there know what I'm talking about. It's always Mario rescuing the pete princess, peach, which is not bad, but it's like I like this route. It's different. Again, mario, more of a time to have a connection with peach And you find out why they start to develop a love connection. Right, you get to say how they met each other. They ended up going on a quest together. That makes more sense to me than him rescuing a stranger going through all this trouble to rescue a girl He doesn't even fucking know.

Speaker 3: Yeah, yeah, that makes more sense exactly you do that, brother.

Speaker 2: You played yourself. You know her bro.

Speaker 2: You don't know, she's gonna give you the box, bro, you know, say you don't know none of that. So it's like oh my god, make you my hero or whatever some generic shit girls. I don't like that in real life man. No. So I do like the fact that they made Luigi be the one that got kidnapped. Really, luigi just ended up getting tossed there an accident where he got tossed closer to Bowser than Mario did. Yeah, it could happen either one of them. It just happened to have happened to be Luigi.

Speaker 3: You know, one thing I don't I'm not gonna say not don't like, but I think it. They just use it too much in movies is when, like You'd say they're two protagonists, right, yeah, i don't like. When, like, they took the rod of like And you can see it coming, like, oh, they're about to be separated, yeah. And then the movie line starts from there Yeah it's like, it's like I don't know. I think they did good with it, but I think they could have did good if they, if they, didn't get separated either.

Speaker 2: Yeah, they could have made a different, or you know what you're right. Do you agree that maybe it would have been better if they would have just made it like a movie where they both met the princess and Luigi might have met Daisy, the princess Daisy, or met you know saying. And then they just go on, all four of them go together to fight this Evil creature which is Bowser, just trying to take over the land.

Speaker 3: They could have just done that, yeah yeah right, Luigi, cuz we're at reality.

Speaker 2: Oh shit, you good bro.

Speaker 3: It's not. It's not. You know he's back with us.

Speaker 2: You got it back. You got your head back. Now you know what I mean, but it's like it's cool. Um, Sorry, but do you agree with that? right? They didn't necessarily need to make Luigi be the one that gets caught or separated. Yeah, no, they just could have just kept them with the group and they all could have just fought Bowser.

Speaker 3: Yeah, that could have worked us too right, cuz then right, that's my thing.

Speaker 2: Sorry, i'm gonna cut you out What do you think would be a good plot point? I think Fighting an evil being is trying to take over all the lands. power stars. That's a good enough premise, man. My opinion right. Keep them together.

Speaker 3: Me, i don't. Like I said, bro, i don't really know like too much about the Mario, but I would have out of like to see what they could have did had They not been separated. I'd like to see what the, what the movie could have offered if they were still together, and it would have been more of like them just giving people the hands really.

Speaker 2: You know what. I agree with that. And let me say this you're not the only one, bro, to say that it's funny. You say that because you're not the only one that would have wanted that. A lot of critics that watch this movie We're saying that they would have much rather seen a movie like you said, throwing the hands more with, with, with, with all Bowser's minions and all you know, fighting Underbosses, maybe in different kingdoms, you know saying to work their way up to Bowser.

Speaker 3: Yeah.

Speaker 2: I think people would have enjoyed that more than a movie about you know him trying to rescue his brother and Figure out the land as he goes. You know.

Speaker 3: But in that way they did I guess they did you know finish the main goal, which was to make the movie about Mario So that's facts and they did.

Speaker 2: They mean, you're right, which I think was what they were setting out to do. It wasn't really Luigi focused movie, yeah, no, but everybody's argument was kind of true. It's not just called Super Mario adventure, it's Super Mario Bros. You see, i'm saying it's a movie about the brothers. That's true. But at the same time he said Mario is the main character. He is, he really is the face of the entire franchise. So to make a movie solely about his adventure, to get his brother back and then fight Bowser in the meantime, it makes sense.

Speaker 2: It did make sense exactly and then have peaches his girl. It all made sense. I love how peaches was was wanting some pepperoni pizza and wanted some Italian sausage instead of turtle soup. I Just trying to ask some Italian sausage, my boy. She didn't want no turtle soup.

Speaker 3: I'm over here thinking when did she ask for pizza?

Speaker 2: Yeah, man, she didn't want no turtle soup, bro. That's like Bowser was crushed. You remember when he was? he was over there questioning Kami Kami Kupa? remember a couple times? he's like, he's playing the piano, he's like, and does she like him like?

Speaker 2: rose like low-skies, like Trying to fish, to see it killer stuff. Yeah, he just but her that Mario's out there getting played with her than he's not, bro. And you know, it was kind of cool that peach wasn't, like you know, weak-minded or she was actually a strong-willed fighter herself, bro, like she had a whole-ass obstacle course for Mario to which I liked a little segment, not a little segment was cool.

Speaker 2: I'm gonna say that was good too, i guess. Segment It was like a callback to the games. You know how many times bro failed, how many times you died in a Mario game?

Speaker 2: shit, i start yeah, everybody can fucking relate to that. So I love how they made that and it's beautiful how they did. That's genius filmmaking in my opinion, man, because you took something that came from the source material the games Which is how many times you fucking fail at something right? and they put it in the movie beautifully. It's Mario's first time through the course, but I don't know what's gonna happen next. And bro gets killed, falls, falls. He doesn't die, but you know what I mean. He falls, falls, falls, falls and shit load of times into the water.

Speaker 2: And this is all out like in the backyard of the castle, almost like in the like a Vast, like river slash backyard. It's like a shit peach has like a big ass like river flowing through her backyard. I don't like with a waterfall. And that's where this fools. This was. This obstacle course took place Right was like in the sky Remember that it's just about gonna be out with Mario and they kind of fly to the back, right that he practices with the Seem, fail that many times and when he finally completes it it's like yo, this is pretty dope. It's a good homage to the game, man.

Speaker 3: Hey, there's a reference I thought they that they just did an input in. But I'm just realizing like no, that's how it was in the game When he got the little I'm gonna just say the little collective one, and he grew in the movie. But it was actually like that in the game.

Speaker 2: It is No. All the power ups are like that And I like that. They made him not like mushrooms And mushrooms the thing that gives him the power, One of the items they give him power And it's funny, Mario does not like mushrooms And I caught that back when he was eating dinner with his family.

Speaker 3: Is that?

Speaker 2: an actual thing.

Speaker 3: No, they just added that character.

Speaker 2: I thought it was funny that they did that. No, and then the mushrooms like That's a massive. It even says that everyone peaches hands into him. He's like why did it have to be?

Speaker 3: a mushroom.

Speaker 2: Like I don't want to eat this shit. I like that Is it to me? little comical moments like that You don't expect it Because you know bro would eat them without flinching in the video game Like fuck it mushroom.

Speaker 3: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah So.

Speaker 2: I guess bro liked mushrooms.

Speaker 3: And then bro, bro was struggling to get it down.

Speaker 2: He was struggling to eat it She's like just eat it.

Speaker 2: Peach. It's funny, man. But then, like you said, there's other power-ups. And the power-ups are what? And it's a spoiler. You can say this is a spoiler for you, bro. Power-ups are what help him beat the future bosses, bowser And Like cheat codes. Yeah, but the game has them. You know what I'm saying? The actual game has you hit the block and then they come out, like in the movie. they hit the block and then the power comes out. There's a fire flower. Which man? I would have killed this. He, mario, used the fire flower.

Speaker 2: He didn't use it in this movie. Oh no, no, remember, he didn't use it, peach did Remember. Peach touched it when they were talking in the flower fields. She just touched it and then she got the power just to show him what it looked like. And then she didn't even use it. DK used it, though After the scene where they're riding on the gone rainbow road with the go-karts, the scene where, as close to the end, i think they were going through, i forgot.

Speaker 3: Exactly, that's why I forgot to. He hit his final form.

Speaker 2: Yeah, and before he hit his final form, dk helped him out. But DK had, he grabbed the fire flower. Bro turned white and red.

Speaker 2: Remember that, joey, you look badass bro, if they make a pop, a punkle pop, or an action figure with DK, fire DK, i'm going to buy that shit. This shit was hard as fuck. Good job, jack specific. You hear me, you should make a toy like that, bro. You make another toy as well as a ship. That is badass. There should definitely be a fire donkey kong out there somewhere. I'm pretty sure it's going to work.

Speaker 2: Oh sure it is There's no way that that's not going to get made. That shit's probably popular as fuck. I would imagine High demand for that one, Mario. I'm really upset that he didn't get to use it. If I'm being honest, I would have much I would not have. not that I wasn't happy that Donkey Kong used it. I would have loved to see Mario use it, though, just because it's classic as fuck.

Speaker 2: You know what I mean. Have his overalls turn red and his shirt turn the hat turn white. It'll look badass, man, but it's all good That would have been a future.

Speaker 3: I'll probably next movie, most likely, i'm pretty sure Most likely.

Speaker 2: You know, but anyway, it's just dope man To see that. Oh, that's another spoiler.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: No, to say it a spoiler, brother. It's a spoiler episode, a spoiler review, bro. We just closed that in the beginning, so go ahead and say it. We're working on the second movie. Oh yeah, dang, you're right Us, bro, you know what. Hey, he's not wrong. Slices, slice, slice, slice, slice. I can't say it. I want to say the word, bro, but you know you know I'm back from a rehab.

Speaker 3: Go to say it, bro. What's your name again? Well, i used to be nigga weegy, but what? Back from rehab.

Speaker 2: Oh, that's right. What are you? who are you? Nice to see you, luigi, you know.

Speaker 3: I don't know.

Speaker 2: Or Slices, I'm fine myself Slices. All right, we're just going to stick with Slices showy G for the meantime. That cool, yeah, all right. so Slices weegy, here's back from rehab. No, no, no, no, wife beaters, none of that stuff. All right, right boy.

Speaker 3: Might come back out.

Speaker 2: And we're going to make a second movie, like you said, spoiler, and we're actually in the future, whether it's the second movie or another additional movie after we're going to do one about a mansion, luigi's mansion. Man, Yo, that mansion you want to win, bro, the ghosts and shit. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but that's definitely you mean you're going to do all that.

Speaker 2: Oh yeah, that's a gold mine man. They can go so many. You know all the characters they introduced Diddy Kong, donkey Kong, donkey Kong. all those fools are probably going to get them in movies. We can buy it. It's a whole. it's a whole ass universe. now Think about it, bro. This movie made so much money. Oh yeah, this shit made in the box office. It broke and destroyed records, bro. It shit all over a lot of things.

Speaker 3: That's crazy man, i wonder why?

Speaker 2: Because, bro, think about it, We were just talking about how big this movie was right before. This is a long time coming bro But that big, bigger than what most people thought it was going to be. You're right. It's funny you make that face. Because you're right, a lot of you be thinking, nah, i mean, it's a big audience, sure, but because everybody we're talking about the most

Speaker 2: recognizable face in video game history, bro. Video game history, bro. The biggest mascot, even bigger than Sonic. Yeah, he's up there with Sonic the Hedgehog, but he's actually bigger. He actually beats Sonic the Hedgehog. Yeah, bro, he's more famous. Sonic is famous as fuck, don't get me wrong. He's Sonic the Hedgehog. Everybody knows who that is too. That's when Bro goes Super Sonic Beast, right, everybody knows who that is too, and the rings and all that. They know who he is. But this guy, it's Italian super plumber right here, super Mario. Way more popular, bro, way more way more famous. Excuse me, and you wouldn't think, bro, like so random, an Italian plumber, like what the? What are the odds, bro? But he's a beast man with those power-ups And he's acrobatic as fuck. He can fight like he's giving the hands. Brought him back down, man, he don't give a fuck who's trying to fight him, whether it's a scary ass dragon, turtle, monster or a fucking big ass gorilla that can talk, bro.

Speaker 3: A real long story, bro, he's right.

Speaker 2: You know what I'm saying As a human being from Brooklyn, bro. anybody else would be shit in bricks Like what the fuck am I getting myself into in this place, man Bro?

Speaker 3: keeps standing up. That's crazy. Remember that shit He kept getting up.

Speaker 2: He's like fuck, he got up again. I gave him a two-piece heart And bro still got up. He even sitting in the movies. He's like no.

Speaker 3: I got to give it to him. Man, He's getting the hand.

Speaker 2: He did say that He did say He's like he keeps getting up. Bro is just taking it man. He got up like fuck, I can't quit. Can't quit. I'll say keep going. That's the definition of having a heart, bro.

Speaker 3: I think that's the definition of having a heart. And I can't speak, man, i can't speak.

Speaker 2: Oh yeah, man, i know how you feel about that too, bro, especially when you're talking about throwing the hands, pudo. See you, mario, this shit for holding your own without holding your own weight. You know what I'm saying? Beating that ass, that's what you got to do To survive Not yet, but what other aspects did you like about it, bro? I think so. They thought it was cool, the whole Mario cart scene, right. When they all meet up, they went to the jungle kingdom. That was the whole reason why you fought Mario in the first place, right, donkey Kong. They wanted to see what Mario was made of, right. They wanted to see why we're going to be your ally against this Bowser guy. Like, what can you offer us? You have strength, and that's when you fought his son.

Speaker 3: I was like son, so what help if you could take my son out?

Speaker 2: I was like oh, I already know what's about to happen. And Rose, you ain't going to do shit, but go ahead. And then you see Diggie just shaking his shit to the Donkey Kong rap bro. Oh yeah, you know what that shit Rose getting it. He's like son, stop, you're embarrassing me. He's like they love it, dad. He's like oh shit, brother, donkey Kong rap That shit is funny man.

Speaker 3: Now, bro, it's getting, He's feeling himself.

Speaker 2: It's very comical man. I liked how funny the movie was. You know what I'm saying. I liked how it really added to the story, kind of added stuff to one dimensional characters, so we didn't know how. That's how they were very amplified in a good way. I enjoyed it early.

Speaker 3: No, i did too. Yeah, like I said, the only thing that didn't that didn't get resolved with me was if they fix the initial problem that got him to the mushroom kingdom, Right, yeah, they just like never addressed that And the city was underwater, like up till now we still don't know what happened with that situation.

Speaker 2: It got drained. Somehow Remember at the end of the movie when they showed back up for the last fight and they showed up in Brooklyn.

Speaker 3: Remember that. Oh, but like you said, the city was destroyed, though It was so fucked up. You're right, it was no city left.

Speaker 2: There was still city left, but it was in shambles, like it was like you could tell some shit, just ran through it like bad.

Speaker 3: Yeah.

Speaker 2: And when Mario got there he looked around too like The fuck in here, bro, The flood had its way or what Man some, She was bad, But that happened. And then, of course, after you know all the issues with situation that they're dealing with, they're just like, OK, let's advance this shit. Like, they got to Bowser right, They got in the Rainbow Road, which is cool, Like what I like about once. They beat Donkey Kong. Right After he beat Donkey Kong they got suited up with the Mario carts, Right. That's when they made their parents And I guess the Kong's, the Kong country jungle country is where they make, they make carts, They make the carts for Mario cart especially designed from Los Santos customs.

Speaker 2: Yes, you're right, and I like that. You said each one had a custom made Right.

Speaker 3: Right, it was sick right, the little Toad had his, like the big ass monster truck.

Speaker 2: Bro had a big monster truck, the fucking the rims, And bro looked at him and was like his was looking like the like the Mexican low rider type thing. Yeah, and his, his was actually raised. Yeah, right It was raised up And even when he pulls up the next to Mario and peach, they're like. they're like in each other, eyeshot. And he pulls up and you're like bro, just right there. Like you're like so too sick.

Speaker 1: Really sick. Whoa, my嘴 still feel painful.

Speaker 3: It'd be the calm ones.

Speaker 2: His motives were clear, bro, so that was that was a cool outcome for that, and I think that the fact that they made this into something that is gonna resonate with fans of old and new like this. Kids now Are gonna figure out like damn, this one my dad grew up with my mom, like this is a part of their past, whereas it's fucking sick.

Speaker 3: Do you know how?

Speaker 1: they feel.

Speaker 3: Yeah, that's right cuz I want to ask somebody that's been there since the very beginning how did you?

Speaker 2: yeah, that's true. Yeah, that's, that's a good point.

Speaker 3: Oh yeah, somebody called ask.

Speaker 2: So don't why, man Damn. I mean, if I could call my pops. But was he a Mario fan? Here's a Mario fan. Yeah, he, um, he got the Super Nintendo system. Entertainment system, the not super Nintendo, sorry, just a regular entertainment system, the old one, uh-huh, the very first one, you're sure look like. No, I'm not on top, black in the bottom.

Speaker 3: No, I don't think so.

Speaker 2: All right, we just Google. Google Nintendo entertainment systems, google it. Look how old that shit. Look, bro. Look at the size of the game cartridges. They're like this fucking big, literally where they go in there, like I said, and then you push down and then close that. Oh that's crazy. Yeah, man, you just Google it, look it up.

Speaker 3: So he's been since the beginning, though.

Speaker 2: I think so. I think so. I'm not sure if he I Don't think he was active. He's been there for a long time. I don't know if he was actually there for the actual beginning of the character, just because You know it should changes around, and I don't think he had as much time. Back then he had time to play with us, but he had time to actually dove into the lore and then the Nerd out, yeah, basically, oh makes fun of me for being a fucking nerve with that shit.

Speaker 2: Anyway, yeah, man, that was the movie. It was dope. I recommend you guys see it. My favorite part of it was the end. I like how they incorporated Mario Kart. That's all I'm gonna say. I really like how they incorporated Mario Kart. They made it a thing of transportation, right. They're like, okay, we're gonna make it just to go to this next kingdom, right. And then, as they're traveling, instead of racing each other, his fucking bad, his baddies show up Bowser's just the one, his cruiser and his bags. They start dropping onto the road behind them and they start fighting.

Speaker 2: Yeah, on the road, that was the cool approach right, because instead of cuz, i mean, how can you turn a game about racing? How can you make it make sense? Right, they had a fat.

Speaker 3: A final way, unless they just did it for fun. They could have did that too. But I like, like you said, like that, there's no purpose.

Speaker 2: I do like that. They made it into a way where it was almost like a freeway ever headed somewhere right, something happens. The blue shell makes appearance. The dreaded blue shell, that was cool. I mean, that happened in the blue of the blue shows, right, spikey shell that flies and hits the person in first place? Mm-hmm, you know everybody would hate that motherfucker when you were a kid. That would send the blue show out to hit your ass. We do a Mario Kart. Remember those days?

Speaker 3: That's not be able to play games like that.

Speaker 2: Yeah, see, and the name. I like how they utilize that right. They found a way to utilize that to make that part of the game, part of the movie. They that's the turning point of the movie that the blue show Koopa's like fuck this, i got you blue shell. He goes and he hits Donkey Kong and Mario fucking knocks their ass off the fucking track, off the off the rainbow road. No, that shit, that was annoying bro Destroyes it.

Speaker 3: What do you mean Cuz I put you like in dead last in the game.

Speaker 2: It would. Bro is who did it to it fucking killed the. Knock their ass off the whole ass course in the movie too. So Again, shout out to illumination for finding a way to make Mario Kart make sense. Fucking movie, that was dope. So you know I'm saying congratulations to them. That makes perfect sense. And that fuck the blue show. You know saying fuck you blue show, make you wanna Motherfucker that shoots that shit at you. Hate her ass because you losing shit. You got to do that, i Know, but anyway, moving on the end of the movement, badass ending No, bowser's trying to marry Peach the obviously crashed that and ruin that writing that she wanted nothing to do with anyway. Oh, i forgot about that. I'm sure she was disgusted with Bowser. She's like fuck this fool, i'm not trying to marry this guy, but she did it as a facade, she pretended, right?

Speaker 2: She got dressed, pretended to get married within. Obviously I was like, oh, she was wrong, why she do that? She's like you think I'm actually gonna marry you? remember that shit? Damn you know. When it on them, then we're breaking up. He didn't want peaches anymore, that shit. He's like huh, that's the case and we're breaking up.

Speaker 2: Of course I'm. That's my, my terrible Jack black fucking My Jack black impression, cuz you know Jack black played Bowser, played a really good Bowser. But I'll start trying to fight her. She fights him back a little bit Obviously. You know who shows up saying and his brother Luigi. Then they do their thing. They have a badass moment together. At the end of the movie They get their hands on the power star. Well, first, first of all, a bullet bill gets launched after Mario. He puts on a tanuki suit. They fly around. That's. That's when the whole montage happened with the Donkey Kong. Tomorrow, i'm really going through like the obstacle course and everything they're running through, all this shit Taking out his bad guys, his baddies and shit taking up piranha plants, whatever have you. And then a bullet bill gets launched after Mario. Right, he flies it up out to the tube that he came in through.

Speaker 2: Remember to get him out And then they explode and they all end up from the mushroom kingdom into the actual Brooklyn back in our world, and that's where the final fight goes down between Mario Luigi and Bowser. And well, mario Luigi, donkey Kong, he was part of it DK, mario Luigi, go against Bowser. Yeah, and DK had a, he a man, because at first he grabs Mario, he'd given Mario the business.

Speaker 2: Bowser was low-key, fucking my boy up a little bit and shrink his little Man sent him flying into the, into his old, his old diner remember the diner where they got the phone call from earlier And they were watching the commercial on. He goes in there And then it's crazy how many when he's laying their beat up trying to gather himself, because you know Our boy gets back up all the time.

Speaker 2: Tomorrow's trying to pick up the pieces and he's like I'm gonna beat this fucking crazy turtle bitch Like let me figure out my do this. Forgot this courage, though right He did at first. He did, of course, naturally right, but then, as he's gathering himself, you know that that the commercials on, remember, it's like we're gonna save Brooklyn. That was kind of dope. How, like they kind of like a montage reference, did it again.

Speaker 2: Reference it again. Like you know. It's like motivation for Mario, like get up, bro, you got this, you got to save fucking Brooklyn now, bro, because you're in Brooklyn now and this crazy, fucking maniacal bastard isn't in Brooklyn now. But I like how the power star he had it with them and that finally got revealed. You know the power star was out and they're gonna go for that fucking star man. And then they get there, luigi jumps in bro and he covers it. Remember the man hole. It covers the fire because it Bowser's got fire blast bro, so he's blowing fire trying to breathe in fire. Mario, he grabs the manhole, he puts it up. We were like Mario, go for the star. I remember he pulls it up and Mario's like now we go together and he grabs Luigi and they grab it at the same time and Then the best fucking part of the movie happens. In my opinion That was different. Hey, whoops, and I'm an eagle super saying they basically was super saying bro.

Speaker 2: That's basically what it was All right, mario Luigi, go Super Sam bro, and they fucking, they sent all his bad guys. Or they run, they run right through all of them like I go flying in every direction. That was a bad. I seen this even. And And they fuck him up for all. They give Bowser the business, they grab his tail. I'm really swinging with the tail to. First they beat his ass and they grab his tail. They throw his ass into his old castle, because the castle and they're coming through the pipe to remission Or part of it Yeah, not the whole castle, just part of it. They can big rock front face of it, didn't they throw him into that. It blows up. They fucked him up, man. I remember that shit. They give the business. They go super, super. They go super Mario bro, literally super Mario Luigi, and they go super saying on a Bowser And they fuck him up, man.

Speaker 2: So after the Dragon Ball Z fight is over, they calm down, they build a house in the mushroom kingdom. Remember that, remember that they ended up getting a house. They made a house in the in the mushroom kingdom. So they still live Brooklyn, but they have actual house inside the mushroom kingdom where all this shit went down. Yeah, it was a good movie, man. And then the old rat wrapping it up. It's just, man. They did a solid job. I like that. They made their appearance Super, as with the superstar, and they had that form. That was their final form, basically, and that shit was lit man.

Speaker 3: What, what score do you give the?

Speaker 2: movie. You know what I'm gonna give it a nine out of ten Final thoughts.

Speaker 2: Nine out of ten because I feel like, even though the movie like was great and I have no complaints about how the story was, personally I loved everything about it. I really did. The pacing was a little fast for me. I know we were saying that all the pacing is fast, it's very fast. I'm gonna lie to you, the movie, the movie's fast, it's fast movie. But if I could just stretch the scenes out a little bit more I'm saying flesh them out a little bit more, slow the movie down a little more so we can enjoy every scene They're watching a little bit more, yeah, then it would have been perfect in my opinion.

Speaker 2: A ten out of ten Okay in my opinion, if it's just a little bit slower, right, if they made every scene just a little bit longer? right, to make make sure it's breathable, like we don't have to rush off Just yet. Well, hold on, we don't need to put the next scene in just yet, so it feels less rushed. You know, i'm saying make the scenes a little bit longer in the sequel. Ten out of ten, that one might be so for it, but as far as the first movie goes, i give the Super Mario Brothers movie a nine out of ten. Okay, what about you, brother?

Speaker 2: I would say Give it your critique to went through that in there.

Speaker 3: Well, I think for one, I don't think no movie can ever get a ten out of ten.

Speaker 2: Yeah, it's hard to do that. It's always one for improvement.

Speaker 3: Yeah, right, so that's so. With that having being said, i got it. I would say eight or nine out of ten. I'd have to take one point, not saying the movie was bad. But I take one point just cuz I Got said I'm not a Mario fan, so I don't know what to look for, so I can't really place a big judgment on it. Yeah, so that's why I would take one point away, just for that, okay it's necessarily fair, just to yourself and also the fans.

Speaker 2: Like knowing that yeah.

Speaker 3: And then another one because, like I said, there's some things that could have been more like you said, for one, the movie could have been a little longer with each and every scene with that statement Yeah, Yeah, and then, like I said, like they just for one, the brothers could have been kept together. I'd like to see how that would have played out. Yeah, like you said earlier, there's an arrow having them together, that. And then, like I said, they stood and fixed the initial problem. No, they didn't, you're right.

Speaker 2: I see, i like that.

Speaker 3: But they somehow they still the hero. So I guess it worked out.

Speaker 2: So it did. And you know what we didn't? we didn't actually discuss that. Why, real quick? so, guys, that this the the scenario that slide shows referring to is The scenario why the brothers even went down into the sewers in the first place. Right, slide show Yeah, apparently they were at home. I remember they were in there in Mario's room. Luigi went in there to comfort his brother and as he's talking to him, a news thing comes on on the TV. Remember that. A news flash comes on about the city having a main water main, water main blowing or something right I'll. Basically a big-ass water main blew under the city and Mario's like fuck it, this is the job that we can prove ourselves with Luigi, like, if we go run and answer this shit, we can be those motherfuckers like we can be. This is a kid established as tomorrow brothers plumbing.

Speaker 2: It'll put us on so great entrepreneurial fucking idea. Mario gets up, takes his brother. Will they grab their tools? they fucking run over there and they're how cocky they are. First They're looking at the city guys, they're all in the wrong spot. He's like they're looking in the wrong spot. He looks at Luigi's like man, everything is like they're just in the wrong spot. And they will look at each other and they go down the right spot. They go down the manhole right. Then they're attempting to fix it. Something happens with a pipe. It lands them down even further into these other pipes and one of the pipes lead to some magical Some magical fucking lands super the Mushroom Kingdom.

Speaker 2: But they just did a good job, man, as I said. But the far is fixing the water main. They didn't even do that. When they came back later to fight Bowser in Brooklyn, everything was already fucked like the city was still there.

Speaker 1: But the streets were destroyed. Looking ran through it.

Speaker 2: Yeah do that, that shit Like. Eventually they got it fixed somehow somebody did from the city, but that shit wasn't bad shape after that.

Speaker 3: Oh, I was she was like I'd have never called them.

Speaker 2: Well, the good news is they didn't start that burst. That's the good news, right, they actually didn't start it. They were just trying to fix it.

Speaker 3: I'm talking to that child brought this big ass nigga up here.

Speaker 2: But they did. You know, bring this light skin singing fucking turtle up in here bro.

Speaker 3: All right, i don't think y'all didn't brought back. that was good with peaches, that's it.

Speaker 2: That's it. Mario got peaches. I'm gonna post that photo. Did you see what I sent you on Instagram About her, how she was dressed? That's it. I'm a post that for you guys. Right here It was doing too much. That's what my boy Mario's hitting right here on the screen now. Look at that clapping that shit. Good job, mario. You know, let's give him a. Let's just give it a moment of science and look at peaches and give Mario a clap.

Speaker 1: Oh.

Speaker 2: Boy did not come back empty-handed. Good job doing it for the Mario world. He's getting them peaches. Hey, they were doing a lot with this picture, though. Hey question Yeah, but yeah, man. So kudos to our boy. He pulled it good there. You know, i know you gotta go, so maybe he pulled it good there. Mario pulled it off. But anyway, aside from Mario getting peaches, i'm gonna wrap up, guys, the review. We're actually gonna Give you guys a more fleshed out discussion about how Super Nintendo world was Later, because we didn't really get to venture too much in the house like we got there It was.

Speaker 3: I thought we was gonna give 30 minutes to the first one and then 30. Just, i don't even think it's gonna stretch this long.

Speaker 2: But yeah, it was a good review though. Right, We had a good review here. You know it's cool overall, you know. So slide show night final score, Would you say, was again.

Speaker 3: I get it. I gave it a, you did.

Speaker 2: That's right. Eight out of ten for slide show. Nine out of ten for AJ. Good job again, illumination. You guys did a fantastic fucking job. Well, he was great. We enjoyed it. We're gonna watch it again. Right, i'm buying the special edition. Yeah, hands down, i'm getting that shit when it comes out great movie.

Speaker 2: As far as Super Nintendo world goes, we're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna go back there and experience that for how it's supposed to be Experienced. We wrote the rider already, right, slide show, we wrote the ride. But we're gonna go back and we're gonna actually try some of the foods. I'll put them on the screen right now. They were pretty bomb. I actually tried them when I went with my girlfriend in the past. I actually went, we went to, we went to Super Nintendo World one time before, her and I, and the food was pretty good. It's not crazy, it's not something that you're gonna be the whole. My god, i need to try. But just to be able to try some of the dishes because they are Mario themed is pretty cool. Slide show. Didn't get to try that, so I'm gonna hold off.

Speaker 3: Excuse me on that as well.

Speaker 2: I'm before you wrap it up here, though I do so I do want to say I wish it was bigger. It's very small land, more like Super Nintendo alley. Oh, this is for Nintendo. It's fairly small guys. I think it's.

Speaker 3: I think it's tall, yeah, but it's like.

Speaker 2: Japan got the better version. As down, they got the better version. You got a bigger part. They're gonna have a Donkey Kong area to like they need. Yeah, bro, we'll get into that later guys, more and more about it. But I said we didn't do the power band experience either, right, so we're gonna. We need to go back and do that, so we can. We can actually review you, give you guys an honest review of the power bands and how interactive the land is with that right, all that stuff. But all in all, the movie was great. We do recommend you guys watch it if you haven't already. Again, you shouldn't watch this if you haven't seen it, because we pretty much gave you guys a quick outlook spoiler review thoroughly of The, the, the basis, the gist of what the movies about. We basically kind of outlined it outlined it.

Speaker 2: Yeah, all the good parts exactly so we recommend you guys watch it. Fill in the gaps. It's a great movie. Thank you guys for following and watching.

Speaker 2: Of course I want to know how I want to shout out. Of course you know all the, all the audio listeners out there, all the visual watchers out There where we're gonna be on rumble soon want to shout out to our audience for rocking with us every week. I like to address you guys as much as I can because without you guys I'm gonna reason to do all this right? so thank you guys again to our audience for tuning in, for listening every week, but also watching. I'm proud to say You're working on rumble becoming a new Additional visual option other than YouTube. So we'll be on rumble pretty soon here, but in the meantime, if you want to watch us and see all this, we're on YouTube, which is a at-time list.

Speaker 2: Talk on YouTube, just look us up. Simple as that. Timeless talk, just timeless talk. No s, nothing else after it, just timeless talk, and you'll find us. Thank you guys for subscribing. Hit that notification bell. Smash the like button, you guys. Please, please, please hit subscribe and again, notification bell, especially on YouTube. Hit that notification bell so you can get notified when the new episodes are uploaded. Man, it's been a fit's been a fire time. We've had a great time. Right now, go ahead and hit them with the last tip. Bit, man, before we get up out of here, you want to leave the people with.

Speaker 3: I would say Go out, go enjoy Universal Studios, if you haven't. That was my first time going. Yeah, just go out, enjoy a super in Thunder world and Yeah, good time right. Yeah, just enjoy yourself, get out and, you know, do things with like family time like this more often, because that's what matters and that's what counts at the end of the day, right?

Speaker 2: So enjoy yourselves like. Slashel said we all enjoyed ourselves over here. We're gonna go back and we'll give you guys a better review of Super Nintendo world in the future, probably next season at this point, maybe in a bonus episode. Right, well, make it a bonus episode. Yeah, we'll go back to the park review for you guys properly and then we'll go experience the interactions, the interactions and the food and all that. All right, guys? with that being said, it's been time as time to see you guys next week.

Speaker 1: Pitches, pitches, pitches, pitches, pitches, pitches, pitches. Mario Luigi and a donkey, come to a thousand troops of Koopa's Cotton. Keep me from you, oh.
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