Timeless Talk

Protege Tu Paz.

May 10, 2023 AJ & Special Guest MacVisuals Season 3 Episode 13
Timeless Talk
Protege Tu Paz.
Show Notes

📸⚡️🎙️”Just Be" in this Episode of The Conversation that Never Ends, Host AJ interviews Special guest entrepreneur Photographer MacVisuals or “Miggy Mac” about Topics such as his Passion for Photography, Boxing, the Deep meanings behind his NEW Merch Line, & a Cultural Internship in Uganda

-Special Guest @MacVisuals

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*Advise from Mac
*Anybody can Learn Anything
*Compare yourself to No one
*Act on Inspiration
*Creating with Zero Expectations of Return
*We we’re Created to be Creative
*”There’s no such thing as a coincidence Everything is a divine appointment”

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