Timeless Talk

Irreplaceable Moments

April 30, 2023 AJ & SlideShow Season 3 Episode 12
Timeless Talk
Irreplaceable Moments
Show Notes

⚡️🏎️💨"Back in Time" On this Episode of The Conversation that never Ends, AJ & SlideShow get personal. Hopping into a Delorean & traveling back to a year (2013) & time to re live/delve into a time/event of their lives where they really enjoyed it & felt they could learn from said event now, to driving Back to the Future a bit to 2017 a Year where both Hosts would attempt to pull off a Re Do of events that took place in their lives where they felt if better addressed, they could have saved their Friends Lives. It runs Deep

*Delorean Time Machine
*What Would You ReLive if you could?
*The Return to Belize
*Advise yourself to take some Future Advice
*Indiana Jones, The Legend
*Swastikas used to mean "PEACE"
*Disney World/Universal Orlando East Coast Christmas Trip
*Traveling back to 2013 to relive/re appreciate a time of Our Lives
*Back to the Future to 2017 to Intervene in both of Our situations
*R.I.P Magellan

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*Outro Beat Credit: JJ got Beatz*