Timeless Talk

Resurrection Day Special

April 25, 2023 AJ, SlideShow & Special Guests Lady T & PayPay Season 3 Episode 11
Timeless Talk
Resurrection Day Special
Show Notes

🕊️"He is Risen" The TRUE Reason for the Holiday is discussed in this Weeks episode, join us as we delve into the True meaning of "Easter" Sunday which is really to be defined as "Resurrection Day" for those who Follow Christ. The Word Easter has a different meaning all together & our guest Lady T enlightens our Timeless Crew on the Dark (once again) Pagan routes of  this celebration. The discussion covers everything from "Easters" Pagan origins, what it defines as, the Goddess of Fertility  Eostre which means "Easter", What the Bunny & eggs mean (Also in relation with the Pagan version of this holiday), the Jewish Calendar, Hot Crossed Buns to landing on lighter discussion and a Bean Boozled activity

-Special Guests Lady T & PayPay

*Easter Origins
*Should be called "Resurrection Day"
*Nimrod & The Mother of Fertility
*Easter is Originally PAGAN (Another One)
*Child Sacrifice?
*The Mother of Eggs
*Bunny Rabbit represents rapid fertilization & multiply rapidly
*Bean Boozled Challenge
*The Jewish Calendar
*Hot Crossed Buns

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*Outro Beat Credit: Leo Legendary*