Timeless Talk

Moral Compass

March 10, 2023 AJ, SlideShow & Special Guests Jp & Miss Pie Season 3 Episode 7
Timeless Talk
Moral Compass
Show Notes

😇👿🎙️⚡️“What dictates a Moral Compass?” That’s the question the Timeless Crew with the help of two Special Guests delve into on this episode. Everything  from reincarnation, Christianity, other Religious beliefs all factor into how an individual dictates their own Moral Compass, which in turn results in Society’s take aswell. Alongside brief discussion on more polarizing influences such as abortion also take place so you’re sure to tune in & form an opinion of your own!

*Belief & Morality
*Pro Abortion or Against it?
*Who or what Dictates a Societal Moral Compass

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