Timeless Talk

Dosing Cancel Culture

February 10, 2023 AJ, B Money $ & Special Guest Furious Season 3 Episode 4
Timeless Talk
Dosing Cancel Culture
Show Notes

🗣️🎙️⚡️"Cancel Culture" How much impact does it have on our Society? That's the question we'll be answering on this episode of The Conversation that Never Ends, Before delving into that we ask our guest Furious what his take on "Free Will" was. To then diving into the many examples of Cancel Culture effecting different situations & Individuals, such as Splash Mountain, Song of the South, Will Smith, Kobe Bryant, Trevor Bauer etc. just to name a few. Some of those situations and individuals were effected by the cancel culture negatively, & others luckily came out of the situations  un damaged. For those individuals, some would be considered apart of the “Woke Culture” join us for the discussion & as we wrap up the episode with this weeks current event!

>Micro Dosing
>Pastor saw Hell
>Special Guest Furious’ take on Free Will & God
>Splash Mountain
>Tar Baby & Brer Rabbit
>Woke Culture, are they untouchable?
>Current Event: Monterey Park Mass Shooting

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