Timeless Talk

Christmas Special

December 25, 2022 AJ, SlideShow, B Money $ & Salty AF
Timeless Talk
Christmas Special
Show Notes

"Tis' The Season to Be Roasted" Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays🎄🎁✨from the Timeless Talk Family!! In another Bonus episode Special, the Timeless crew delves into the universally celebrated Holiday Christmas & its history. The episode unwraps with Host B Money explaining the origins of three different versions of the Santa Clause many know & Love today. Then leading into the remaining topics ranging from pagan roots of the Christmas Tree, Christianity's take on Christmas & if it was Really when Jesus Christ was born, how to properly say "Happy Holidays" depending on which holidays in the season each individual celebrates, to going over how each of our Hosts celebrated the Holiday as children growing up. We hope you enjoy all of that contents bow getting pulled loose while being alined with some our most raunchy Sidebars on Timeless Talk yet!

-Special Guest Salty AF

How to wish Someone a Happy Holidays
*Three different Santa Clause 🎅🏼🎅🏾🎅🏿
*Christmas, what is the history?
*Was Jesus Christ really born on Christmas Day in December?
*Pagan Christmas Tree Roots
*How to eat an Ice Cream Pop
*Hood Reaction to Santa explained by SlideShow
*Random Home Alone Facts

*Intro Beat Credit: JJ got Beatz*
*Outro Beat Credit: Leo Legendary*