Timeless Talk

Halloween Special Part 4

October 28, 2022 AJ, SlideShow, B Money $ & Special Guest Jason Vorhees Season 2 Episode 15
Timeless Talk
Halloween Special Part 4
Show Notes

In Part 4 of the Halloween Special, The Timeless Crew have Famous Slasher Jason Vorhees on to join the Conversation that Never Ends as they delve into Topics ranging from: A NEW Timeless Horror Movie Icon (Killer), How would you survive your favorite Horror Movie if you were a character in it, Aliens Vs. Zombies which side would you choose to be on?, to Will Horror Movies ever become Politically correct. This Part leading into the Finale Next Episode is sure to Entertain in Spooktacular Fashion

>Surviving a Horror Movie
>NEW Timeless Horror Icon
>Aliens Vs. Zombies
>Advanced Horror Movies Vs. The Classic Slasher
>Horror Movie Politically correct?

*Intro Beat Credit: JJ got Beatz*
*Outro Beat Credit: Leo Legendary*