Timeless Talk

Soul Integrity

September 30, 2022 AJ, SlideShow, B Money $ & Special Guest Furious Season 2 Episode 11
Timeless Talk
Soul Integrity
Show Notes

In this Loaded Episode of The Conversation that never ends, with a returning Special Guest we delve into Greed & Anger, does it really poison Mens Soul? If you were the last Man on Earth with no one else around but woman, what would you do & why?  Integrity, an anything compromise it? Lastly Male Masculinity Vs. Men Feminist with A few Sidebars of course as always

>Review of The Game's Eminem Diss Track
>Greed & Anger

>Last Man on Earth
>Male Masculinity Vs. Men Feminist

*Intro Beat Credit: JJ got Beatz*
*Outro Beat Credit: JJ got Beatz*