Timeless Talk

Relationship & Exchanges

August 12, 2022 AJ, SlideShow, Special Guests Mykell & Nessa Season 2 Episode 4
Timeless Talk
Relationship & Exchanges
Show Notes

Relationships & the Exchanges that happen within them. This episode delves not only into what the title states, but everything from the possibilities of unpredictable things occurring like unfaithfulness, Reciprocation, Communication, & Submission (just to name a few) to does the size of the boat matter or is the motion in the ocean enough?

>Communication Problems
>Submission in & out of the Bedroom
>Does Size Matter?
>Who Shows more Effort, Men or Women
>Prioritizing Time Together

*Intro Beat Credit: JJ got Beatz*
*Outro Beat Credit: JJ got Beatz*